Jackie Chans Son Apologizes After Release From jail Beijing: After six months’ imprisonment on charges of drug was released from jail Hollywood action star Jackie Chan’s son apologized to the public and another chance today requesting that he changed his life sentence.


32-year-old Jesse Chan said he had no reason to take drugs to prevent, there is no excuse for his father in 2009, China’s National Anti-Drug Committee has been a Goodwill Ambassador.

Jesse said, after such improvements by the justice system, I’ve changed your outlook on life and values. Jesse said he did not intervene on behalf of his father and was in jail with no special treatment.

Film and TV actor Jesse substance to other people in your home 23-year-old Taiwanese artist Chen-tung in the case with, was arrested in August. About 100 grams of cannabis seized by police from his home was. Two days after his release in front of the media today apologized Jesse

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Jackie Chans Son Apologizes After Release From jail





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